As our first installment we are proud to finally share our process for both recording and processing guitars in an actual professional setting. We get a lot of questions from fans asking about our guitar tones and settings, but "how" to record guitars is often neglected and overlooked when it is THE most important aspect to tracking guitars.


From the guitar to the amplifier, from the amplifier to the speaker cab, from the cab to the microphones, from the microphones to the preamp, and so on, you have to be sensitive and aware of what sounds are available to you and how to capture them. We are going to show you how to account for these elements from start to finish within a professional digital framework ensuring that by the end you'll know what gear to use and how to get the most out of the gear you have.


This truly is the ultimate guitar recording guide with 80 minutes of onscreen footage, high quality WAV files that you can mix in your own DAW, and full tone settings as you watch the great Al Joseph take you through how he uses programs like "Bias FX" to create the exact tones used on their 2019 record "Retaliation". Class is in session. Let's get you finally where you want to be!

Ultimate Producer: Rhythm Guitar Studio

  • - 80 minutes of HD Videos

    - 14 WAV & mp3s Files

    - Tones Settings