If you're a singer, songwriter, arranger, or all of the above you can have any or all the boys record on your next song. Doesn't matter the genre or style, these shredders are highly trained professionals taught from world-renown Berklee College of Music and have all the expertise needed to take your next project to that next level. Reage, Metal, Gospel, Pop, you name it, these Hyvmine is ready to take on the challenge.


Just start with one instrument in mind then add your next instrument to that list if needed. 

(added fees for more than one instrument at a time)


Options are as follows:

1. Guitars

2. Bass

3. Drums

4. Synth

5. Vocals

Let's create some awesome music.


General Recordings

Add Instruments
  • All refunds are voided at the moment the project starts. No exeptions so please plan your time and budgets accordingly.