Our very first "ChopShop Course is now available for all to learn. We'll cover the fabled 2-1-2 Legato Technique and how to practice it musically. AJ is going to show you his very own method for practicing this technique. First you'll be supplied with HD Video, Scale, and Arpeggio diagrams to you can visualize the shapes you'll need to know to tackle this legato application. Then you can learn 7 additional short and simple workouts you'll need to apply the technique with your choice of hybrid picking or sweeping. And finally the entire etude workout. This application is already starting to change the game for Hyvmine. Get it under your fingers now before their next project!

ChopShop (2-1-2 Legato Etude Course 1)

  • - 12 HD Videos

    - Fast & Slow Demonstrations

    - Technical Breakdown Tutorial

    - 3 Guitar Pro 5 Files

    - 3 PDF Tablature

    - 4 Diagrams for Scales and Arpeggios

    - Backing Track MP3