Imagine a course you can take right in the comfort of your own creative space where you get one-on-one attention from one of the worlds newest and most anticipated metal artist to hit the scene to date. With high praise coming from artist like John Petrucci from Dream Theater and  forums like Guitar World Magazine, you're sure to get everything AJ's got as a teacher and educator. 

AJ says, "It's all about making sonic visions come to life. My goal is to create a sense of musical freedom in you that is both lucid and void of all restriction. The absolute best way to be set musically free is to elicit the very emotions you feel at the inception of your musical ideas. Creation is at the heart of production and that's what you'll get when studying with myself and the fellas in Hyvmine. We absolutely do not profess to be licensed or schooled producers or engineers. In face that is what makes our teachings all the more sweet. We're teaching based off of our personal/self-taught expertise.  We're here to share our own unique process and with 5 studio albums to boot, you best belive you're in great hands. Our goal is to bring your music to life and to be heard with the respect of your peers and predecessors. Hyvmine does everything in-house from recording, mixing, and mastering, to videography, graphic design, and marketing."

It's time to be seen. It's time for your ideas to be heard!

This new course has over 40 HOURS of content and an overwhelming supply of materials. Follow along closely as AJ walks you through each module making sure you reach you meet every goal as an aspiring artist and producer. At the end if this course you are 100% guaranteed to walk away with a system that works. With over 20 years of experience, 6 self-produced studio records, and global respect from labels such as and Seek and Strike, you may rest assured that AJ will take special care to make sure you understand every concept enough to even teach your own process moving forward. Simplicity and proactivity are the key.

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I'm just a small town guy from Scranton, PA who become one of the worlds exciting young guitar and band composers of today almost over night. It's not about crazy amounts of money or getting "hooked up" in the industry. I was coming from a place with virtually zero ties to the world. But this next move lead me to my destiny...

I went on to study at Berklee College of Music. During my time there I learned the essential skills for applying the right amount of music theory to my music. I learned how to structure my writing sessions and practice sessions and this school pushed me to not only quantify and track my process but it also pushed me to be resourceful...

After only three semesters I used what I had learned to make my debut with JamTrackCentral. This is the leading platform for guitar ARTISTS all over the globe. I was able to collaborate with a handful of my favorite childhood idols and become a strong authority in this small but rapidly growing industry. Which lead me to becoming...

A fully endorsed artist with the worlds top guitar and musical instrument manufacturers like Ibanez Guitars, Laney Amplification, and Dunlop USA just to name a few. This set me on a further upswing as these titans of the industry continue to represent their artists as we do them as well. This means I play a annual NAMM Shows as well. But the list don't stop there...

I later became a fully signed artist where I started ny new band Hyvmine. We later went on to do two US tours and produce three records IN HOUSE in just a little over a year. Our music is now streaming everywhere and you'll be able to hear us on Sirius XM's "Liquid Metal" channel as well. The list goes on and on...



So what does this prove? RESOURCEFULNESS IS KING.

It's not always the most talented or the most flashy that encounter great opportunities. I just as well could've been given with the same talents I possess today and still sitting on my couch wasting time. But I didn't. I got off my ass and learned what I had to. It took 20 years but I'm finally here and on the RIGHT track. THAT is the key, resourcefulness, using whatever YOU have been given.


If you are an aspiring artist and you want to get yourself to the top without putting in the work then this course is NOT FOR YOU.

However, if you love working hard toward the goals you truly desire and just need a little nudge in the right direction, then this course is just the right thing for you and will make the most of your efforts. This course is clear, it's comprehensive, and contains principles you will be using for the rest of your life. 

Look, I know what it is to win and loose. It's just how life works. The game changer is and always will be having a great coach that helps you bring out the best in YOU. No bullshit. No unnecessary barriers playing with your head that only make the process slower. You now have access to clear and concise teaching where with your best effort there's no chance of failure here. 



Absolutely, the UHSC will give you the tools and strategies you'll need to create, record, and distribute your music on a global scale and you can do it all at home.

Over 12 Hours of HD Video ($300 in value)


Complete Ultimate Composer Suite

Complete Producer Composer Suite

5 Bonus Mixing & Mastering Tutorials

Supplemental Audio Stems & PDFs


Create a customized system for generating new music using a roadmap that we will create together for each of your new ideas fast and easy

Setup a template in your digital workspace to easily churn out complete musical works on a daily basis eliminating that frustrating feeling of half-finished work

Finalize your project tangibly so that your new music may be presented to the world trough the proper channels no matter how big or small your goals are

I'll be your avatar. You won't need to worry about which tutorials to take first. I'm going to walk you through my step by step plan. By the time we're done you'll not only know how to create song after song but you'll be able to adapt even you're own flavor as your process deepens for years to come.

You won't be left in the dark. You'll learn what gear you need and exactly how to get the most out of what you already have. No need to spend thousands on plugins or what the industry tells you to buy. I've spent the majority of my career only using a handful of tools effectively and today you're going to acquire that skill and so much more.

In this collection you'll get our process in detail as to how we produce our music from start to finish. Guitar, drums, bass, vocals and more. We'll cover the instrumental side of recording and the production side of mixing and layering techniques. You'll learn how to use equalizers, compressors, and console emulators. You'll be able to program drums, mix them, and master an entire project from start to finish.

In this collection you'll master our best songwriting techniques. You'll learn how to plan your writing sessions without spilling a single ounce of inspiration. These principle will create a gateway for more inspiration exactly when you need it. No more writer's block, no more plateaus. Only progress. Harmony and rhythm are the cornerstones. Get ready to master musical theory fast and easy.


This course is HUGE and it’s taken me two years to create all the content you’ll see inside. With that being said, it becomes a question of where and how to start learning from this course? 


The will be 8 modules with core assignments for you to complete. Each tier grants you full email correspondence so wether you’re sending in a completed assignment, project, or just have a general question, use the email feature to your advantage. There are subtleties to writing that require my assistance.


Don’t worry. This course is outlined from start to finish. You’ll be supplied with a full course syllabus packed with instructions and assignments to complete as a means of keeping you on course without having to worry where you left off or what steps to complete next. In other words, less thinking and more doing on your end.


I'm an avid musician looking to make my presence known in the music industry by creating great music but currently running into blocks or plateaus when writing

I'm already an artist but looking to increase the quality of my work using more efficient strategies to bring the most out of my creations

I'm a great writer but have no idea how to producer music but I'm tired of using my entire paycheck to get my music recorded and produced. I knowI have the talent to get it down at home


This is an important decision and I understand you have to be not only serious about being an artist but you have to be most of all committed to change. I'm not doing this just to be a nice guy. At the end of the day this all comes down to mending severed ties between the master and the student and making sure you understand what to prepare for and quickly. Let's face it, some of you just take too long to take action to see any change at all. You must act now, you must act fast and what better way to get you started on the right track than with a useful conversation?

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