We're all so used to getting most, if not all, of the information we desire - and fast. There’s an infinite number of sources to get it from, an infinite amount of noise out there to sift through and simply put, as the years go on, we're going to need quality expert navigators who can not only help us see the bigger picture, but who also cares enough to make sure we get where we're going. You now have that opportunity.

It took me 20 plus years to realize that my purpose was to be precisely that person. 

I know what it's like trying desperately to reach my goals, thinking that the more information I get, the closer I'll be to that white light at the end of the tunnel. When I was at Berklee College Of Music I was stretched in so many directions. There were so many great players and composers I wanted to learn from. I wanted to "be the best" so badly that I lost touch with my roots and my goals. Hell, I even stopped listening to Dream Theater, and if you know me well, you'd know that I'd almost consider that a sin. The point is I was losing my self in the noise of who I "should be" as an artist and player. But I found out shortly after that it’s just impossible to do everything or be everything for everybody unfortunately. But the good news is none of us have to be that everything.

We just have to be the best version of ourselves and it wasn't till I started leveraging my strengths and the god-given ability of perspective in my life that the doors to success started flying open for me.

I was picked up by labels and platforms that would later lead to a foundation of creativity, actualization of my talent/sound, and even some form of wealth, and we all know that's a hard one to pull off especially in this industry.

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You see, you have that very talent, that focus, that drive, buried deep down somewhere. It's just a matter of bringing it out. It's a common mistake in our society to speculate other people's success. We love to praise the accomplishments of players like Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, and John Petrucci and it's well deserved but these conversations are usually spoken of as some far of distant reality.


What about you and me?


Look, I have a confession to make. Myself and most educators have done a great job in flooding you with tons of information about the guitar, and again, that's not a bad thing, but what about sharing our story as to how we got where we are? What about sharing the journey? 

It's so easy to think you know, but what I'm about to show you in these E-Books will create an opening in your perspective of the world of a true artist/musician. It's not enough to tell you what scales to play or what techniques to practice. You're gonna get the when, where, why, what, and hows of it. This is about you and your process. You don't have to become the next Eddie Van Halen, but you can get a deeper understanding of his travels and other of the like. And hell, if you want to get on with your career, identify key elements that you might be skipping over that may be causing plateaus and frustration in your playing and your process, then you've lucked out BIG TIME!

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That's all folks. Can't wait to meet you!