Imagine a course you can take right in the comfort of your own creative space where you get one-on-one attention from one of the worlds newest and most anticipated metal artist to hit the scene to date. With high praise coming from artist like John Petrucci from Dream Theater and  forums like Guitar World Magazine, you're sure to get everything AJ's got as a teacher and educator. 

AJ says, "It's all about making sonic visions come to life. My goal is to create a sense of musical freedom in you that is both lucid and void of all restriction. The absolute best way to be set musically free is to elicit the very emotions you feel at the inception of your musical ideas. Creation is at the heart of production and that's what you'll get when studying with myself and the fellas in Hyvmine. We absolutely do not profess to be licensed or schooled producers or engineers. In face that is what makes our teachings all the more sweet. We're teaching based off of our personal/self-taught expertise.  We're here to share our own unique process and with 5 studio albums to boot, you best belive you're in great hands. Our goal is to bring your music to life and to be heard with the respect of your peers and predecessors. Hyvmine does everything in-house from recording, mixing, and mastering, to videography, graphic design, and marketing."

It's time to be seen. It's time for your ideas to be heard!

This new course has over 40 HOURS of content and an overwhelming supply of materials. Follow along closely as AJ walks you through each module making sure you reach you meet every goal as an aspiring artist and producer. At the end if this course you are 100% guaranteed to walk away with a system that works. With over 20 years of experience, 6 self-produced studio records, and global respect from labels such as and Seek and Strike, you may rest assured that AJ will take special care to make sure you understand every concept enough to even teach your own process moving forward. Simplicity and proactivity are the key.

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In this collection you'll master or best songwriting techniques. You'll learn how to plan your writing sessions and how to pour every ounce of inspiration into your song and where to get more inspiration when you need it. No more writer's block, no more plateaus. Only progress.

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In this collection you'll get our process in detail as to how we produce our music from start to finish. We'll cover the instrumental side of recording and the production side of mixing and layering techniques. You'll learn how to use equalizers, compressors, and console emulators. You be able to program drums, mix them, and master an entire project from start to finish.

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Our Tabpack selection is all about bringing you inside the minds of Hyvmine. You'll get HD videos explaining how to play every inch or every song they've ever done, Guitar Pro Tabs, PDF Tabs, and the backing tracks without vocals or solos for you to jam along to.

Wanna know how Hyvmine creates awesome jams?

Study the Deluxe Album packs.

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